EmailNovela: The Art of Email Series

How to hook your email subscribers, eagerly waiting for your emails and getting themselves ready to buy from you.


Have you ever heard yourself saying that when you are watching a TV series like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead?

It seems you just can't stop watching these episodes.


These TV series will hook you up from one episode to another.

Knowing this concept, why not apply it to your business?

This is a concept I call: EmailNovela - how to hook your email subscribers, eagerly waiting for your emails and getting themselves ready to buy from you.

This is to strategically order your emails in a sequence that hooks your subscribers into consuming your emails.

I won't say that this strategy is already perfect. I won't even say that all my subscribers open all my emails.

But I just can't help feel happy when I receive email feedback like the ones in the photo below.


I can also say that this has been my single frustration from other email marketers.

My frustration..

I have been a subscriber to different email marketers.

The challenge is that, every time they send their emails, it's either:

- full of sales pitches
- hooks you up at first, and later will encourage you to click their links before you get to read the topic of the email
- And worst, no value

Until I met some of the best email marketers..

.. these guys pamper their email list with tons of value.

I mean I don't mind reading long emails as long as I get to learn and absorb their email topics.

I then get to save those emails, filter them into a separate folder and later read them if needed.

And I realized...

..I need to do that too to my subscribers.

The reason why a subscriber joins an email list is because they expect to learn.

So that's why all my emails are jam-packed with lessons because I don't want to disappoint my subscribers into opening an email and later find it NOT valuable.

Thus, the first thing you need to hook your subscriber is to impress them (with the value you are giving), teach them and when they want to learn more, invite them to click a specific link to learn more or recommend your product or service.

Some marketers say that "money is in the list."

BUT as one of my mentors say:

"Money is in the relationship"

Give give give!

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Tiyo Pilo
Tiyo Pilo

Chemical engineer by profession. Entrepreneur by heart. Financial Educator and Online Entrepreneur by application

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